Dedication to Leslie Levengood

Author: Dragon Theatre
April 21, 2010

Dragon Theatre Productions is dedicated to Leslie Levengood, a member in The Club of Arts in Colorado Springs. Leslie passed on in 2008, yet she continues to be an inspiration for us and she will be dearly missed. Leslie wrote many stories for The Club of Arts Drama class to perform as part of her ongoing “Dragon Anthology,” and while the fire from our beloved dragon has faded, her legacy will live on in the stories she created and in the theater company she inspired, “Dragon Theatre Productions.”

As a dedication to our dear Leslie, here is one of her short stories… All rights are reserved for Leslie and may not be reproduced without permission from her family.

Chespita and the Flaming Fountain

Once upon a time, in the land where Dragons lived, there was a small, soft-spoken dragon named Chespita, who had been sick for a long, long time. She wasn’t able to do the things dragons would do and this continued to make her sad. Chespita’s friends would talk to her about the mysterious Flaming Fountain, where, if the journey were endured, a sick dragon might find the healing fire to receive strength again! The stories were wonderful but Chespita did not truly believe that she would get better and feel the dragon’s flame again in her heart. The journey was long and hard, even for a dragon who was not20weak and tired. Chespita continued to feel her fire grow20more and more dim each day and she knew that if she didn’t try to make the journey to the Flaming Fountain, that she would simply fade away and her fire would be gone. So, with a heavy tail and faint heart, Chespita determined to begin her journey to the fountain of fire. Early the next morning, while small, soft-spoken dragons were sleeping, little Chespita started her journey. It was a long walk for such a small dragon, but she wasn’t able to fly as dragons should and each step made her long dragon tail seem heavier than the step before. With her little flame barely burning, she could feel the cold winds of the morning and longed for the morning sun to rise and warm her. Just a few steps ahead, Chespita noticed a small wiggling puff of dust that seemed to be quietly crying. Chespita moved closer to the little puff and discovered it to be a rather tiny baby bird. Chespita looked up to see the nest where the baby bird belonged. She knew what she needed to do, and so Chespita reached down, ever so gently, and scooped up the baby bird and placed him back in his nest. Continuing on her journey, Chespita glanced back toward the baby bird and saw the mother bird join him and this made her heart feel just a bit warmer, but her strength was waning and she knew that she must reach the fountain before her flame completely disappeared. The morning sun was up now and beating down on the hot ground. Chespit a loved the warmth from the sun. She saw a rock just=2 0before her start to move. Chespita was growing more and more tired but as she approached the little moving rock, she saw the tiny head and legs moving as if it needed to run from the hot sun. It wasn’t a rock but a tiny little turtle that had turned over and wasn’t able to roll back around. Chespita smiled a faint little smile and then reached down to turn the little turtle back onto his feet. Within a blink, the small turtle scurried to the shade of a nearby tree and watched as Chespita continued on with her journey. Growing weaker and weaker, Chespita could barely make out the faint silhouette of the Flaming Fountain in the distance. She was almost there, if her flickering little flame could just keeping burning for just a little longer. The sun was dropping low in the sky and the cold winds were wrapping around the small dragon, when she thought she heard a song in the wind. Chespita stopped again – she listened with all her strength and looked toward the music – there, just ahead, she saw a small spider spinning a beautiful web and humming a wonderful song that seemed to warm Chespita’s fading heart. The beautiful song reminded Chespita of her home and friends and all the precious memories she had of family and feeling the joyous things that dragons feel. But Chespita was too tired to continue on to the fountain. She looked again at the happy little spider, and as she started to closer her heavy dragon eyes, she suddenly saw a sparkling reflection of the20Flaming Fountain in the spider’s web! The cold wind seemed to stop around her and the sun seemed to give one last warming ray and Chespita seemed to feel the flame in her heart grow just a little stronger. She looked into the reflection again and felt the strength of the little spider and the little turtle and the baby bird flow through her – from the top of her dragon scales to the tip of her dragon tail. Chespita closed her eyes tight and tried to imagine her friends and family and all her precious memories again and again, and the flame in her heart started to burn brighter and brighter. She opened her dragon eyes and lifted her dragon head and stood up tall and strong, as all happy dragons should – her happy thoughts were warming her heart and she could finally feel the love and hope and need to care that had been missing for so long. Chespita could see clearly the Fountain of Flame and knew that her journey was complete – she discovered what the Fountain meant. Dragons are the caretakers and givers and providers to all. Dragons are the keepers of the flame to be shared with every creature. Dragons are the music in the wind and warmth in the sun’s rays – examples of faith and belief and hope. Renewed and strong in her spirit, Chespita began her flight back to her home, where friends and family awaited her arrival, as dragon families and friends do. She never forgot her journey to the flaming fountain and all of the things she learned along her path. Chespita was never alone, or sad or cold and spent all of her dragon days sharing all she had and all she knew and all she felt with all around her, just as dragons should!

Leslie Levengood