Come and enjoy this original musical fun! 

Thursday Aug 1 –  7pm
Friday Aug 2 –  7pm
Sat Aug 3-  2pm
Sun Aug 4 –  2pm

Library 21c 
1175 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: (719) 884-9800
Website: ppld.org

Tickets: $10 , $5 for students

Purchase at the door or in advance at:


More info:  719-597-3344×4

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Dragon Theatre is a program of Imagination Celebration which welcomes performers of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds who can make the rehearsal commitment. 

  More info:  719-597-3344×4


Dragon Theatre Productions, a community-inclusive theatre program of

 Imagination Celebration, in a partnership with PPLD.

 THANK YOU  Library 21c

   More info:  719-597-3344×4



 “Like” us on Facebook!


 Dragon Theatre Productions is a community-inclusive theatre project of

 Imagination Celebration that welcomes anyone who can make the

 performance commitment.

Like us on Facebook, or see our Facebook page for updates

Questions? let us know through the “contact us” form on this website (top RH corner).








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Questions? Just contact us via the contact form on this website!

Meetings and rehearsals are at the “Celebration Place” (Imagination Celebration) in The Citadel mall, Suite 3066a 

 phone:719-597-3344 ext. 4





Contact us for more information on how you can participate in the planning and in the play!


Dragon Theatre Productions is a program of the Imagination Celebration that provides community-inclusive theatre for Colorado Springs. Any individual who auditions and can make the performance commitment is given an opportunity to perform. We adapt and create roles based on the individuals who audition for the performance.   Community Theatre: If you want a part in the production, YOU GET ONE! Just make the commitment to be a part of the production, and you have a place in it. All ages and abilities welcomed as each part is tailored to you!!!


On Stage: Acting Singing Dancing Musical Instruments Speaking roles Walk on roles Be the STAR! Behind the Scenes: Painting Wardrobe Directing Sound Lighting Makeup/Hair Advertising Writing Fundraising And much more! Please use the “CONTACT US” page to find out more about this  exciting opportunity to bring Community Theatre to Colorado Springs! Colorado Springs Community Theater  

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  1. It’s also nice to have a pretty big chip stack compared to the other players in case you do get called. As soon as you have the basics down you can learn to play more of them.

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